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A decade of partnership and growth: Bert van Velthuizen about his experience with Digital Hub

The indispensabilityof reliable ICT in the world of luxury kitchens πŸ”Ή “A solid ICT infrastructure is essential in our industry,” opens Bert van Velthuizen, who set up Velthuizen Keukens 13 years ago with his brother Johan. “Technical problems during a presentation are absolutely unacceptable. That is why we have been relying on Digital Hub since […]
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Cybersecurity: why it concerns everyone and how to protect yourself

Cybersecurity is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular, both in business and personal circles. With the digitalization of almost all aspects of our lives, it is becoming increasingly important to secure our digital spaces and information. In this article we discuss the basics of cybersecurity, why it is important and how you can protect […]
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